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"The difference is night and day. Before FlexiCapture, invoices were stacked on people's desks. Now they're routed electronically the day they arrive and the approval goes much faster."

Save money by lowering your invoice processing cost.

Reduce invoice processing errors.

Maximize productivity.

"FlexiCapture has minimized manual data entry. The time required to process an invoice has easily gone down by 80%"

How exactly does invoice automation save time and money?

Lower your invoice processing cost

Maximize Productivity

Reduce invoice processing errors

By replacing manual keying paper exchange with automated electronic processing, your staff will save on time and money.

Easily implement rules that enable you to check for problems such as repeat billings, missing data, or any other scenario you've experienced or can imagine!

Whether an invoice is captured in the mail room, finance department, or an email account, our software will extract the same data from each document with little intervention from your accounts payable staff.

Handle different invoices formats

Two Way Match Support

Automatic Vendor, business unit, and line item identification

We know that not all invoices look the same, so the tools within the software allow you to train field locations-only if we don't find them first!

Our software will compare the invoice against the purchase order on both the header and line item level-saving you tons of auditing time!

Using the data in your accounting system, we will extract these critical pieces of data. We even account for different spelling variations or addresses!

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Travis Hayes
Account  Manager,
Total Utility Management Services. LLC

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 Corporate Senior Accountant, Wildman Business Group

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We offer the leading invoice processing software for businesses. With ABBYY® FlexiCapture for Invoices and UFC you can't go wrong!

Watch VideoExtract Data from an Invoice

MeanQ Corporation
Alpha-Betta International GmbH,
c/o Alpa-Betta Co LLC, Accounts Payable,
PO Box 14508, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63178, USA
Attn: Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
Catalog No. Production Description Ordered Qty Shipped Qty U/M Amount
H00005076-M01 Anti-PAX2 (194-303)
1.000 1.000 100ug(B01) 160.00
H00051232-M01 Anti-CRIM1 (36-145)
1.000 1.000 100ug(B01) 160.00
H00093974-M01 Anti-ATPIF1 mAb 1.000 1.000 100ug(B01) 160.00

...just to name a few

Quickly Extract Key Data From Invoices

Watch in real time as our software identifies and extracts key information for the Accounts Payable process. Click on any of the empty fields, to get its value, or click on "Extra Data" to capture all of the fields at once.

(Extracted Data Displayed Below Invoice)

What You Can Do With The Full Version

- Edit Extracted Data

-Match Invoice Items to Purchase Order Items

- Train the System to Process All Invoices Automatically

- Export Data to Your Financial System for Payment

And More...find out how much and then request your free demo today!

Handle different invoice formats seamlessly.

Two way match support for comparison of invoice and purchase order.

Automatic vendor, business unit, and line item identification

What are some of the benefits that come from automating your account payable systems? 

Why Go With User Friendly Consulting?

"It was impressive. Travis (UFC's General Manager) listened so well that his first draft reflected exactly what we needed. In fact, the proposed template he came up with is almost identical to what we're using today."

Jerome Scott
 Vice President of Quality,  Continental Quality

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